Message from Honorable Chief Election Commissioner

Message from Honorable Chief Election Commissioner

I’m delighted to launch, by the grace of Almighty Allah, the Azad Jammu & Kashmir Election Commission website which is a matter of great pleasure for me as well as for those who are associated with the task.

In the today’s life, advent of information technology and internet has reached to its peak and has opened new windows in the field of information. Creation of a propitious climate for advancement in the field of science and technology is not a function of huge financial investment and provision of physical facilities alone, but a stage comes when further progress is made without heavy investment of financial resources in the creation of infrastructures and in the application of knowledge practically to be used.

Different forms of information are playing positive role in improving governance and development management. Ready information resources like newspapers, television,  e-papers, internet, website etc are playing pivotal role in building modern society. No real freedom in today’s world is without mastering and using modern technologies.

Since its inception, the AJ&K Election Commission has dedicated itself to the task of conducting free, fair and credible elections not only for the people of the State but also for the State Subjects and Kashmiri Refugees settled in Pakistan. Their eager participation in previous nine general elections since 1970 gives hope that they will also show their great participation in the forthcoming general elections to the AJ&K Legislative Assembly.

I hope the website of AJ&K Election Commission will play a constructive role towards quick dissemination of information aimed at mass-awareness regarding sanctity of vote, its impact on governance and socio-economic well-being of the common man.


(Abdul Rashid Sulehria )